If you have a product or service that you want advertised on our site, for personal & corporate use, especially for events

Please feel free to timorously contact us, for extra special service.

For you to get 24 hours business & personal exposure / 7 days a week at affordable prices:-

  1. Classified's, content which you have typed up and sent to us R100 per month only. (approx. 5 lines)
  2. Classifieds picture / bold ads, content which you have typed up and including picture/graphic which you have sent to us (approximately 5 lines & then picture) R200 per month only.
  3. Business Adds R300 per month only and you can use this option for events, announcements, ad campaigns, blogging whatever....motivate / inspire / build your business.

You provide the artwork, text, picture, graphic, as you want it to appear, in the following formats a JPEG, PNG, GIF, MS Word or MS PPT documents and we will attach it for you. This can be in bold, with borders, fullcolour whatever, or we can do this for you, see our special prices below:-

+R50 - if we have to type the add up for you - (approximately 5 lines per advert)

+R50 If you want us to source a picture / graphic for you (per item per advert)

+R100 If you want us to do full artwork - full colour advert for you, including typing & layout (per advert)


Special discount + GET 2 MONTHS FREE!!!

:  R1,000 for advertising on our site for a year.  No other/hidden costs.  WOW! - what a bargain! 

This includes the artwork that you require, wording, typing, layout etc,

We will do the set-up for you once-off.

Or you supply the artwork. 

Maintenance at minimal cost :- During the year, If we have to alter / edit / create any artwork for you - this will be done at  R50 per item. (graphic / logo / re-types / layout / formatting etc.) 

FREE Maintenance:  If you supply the artwork for any changes during the year, we will add this free of charge to the site, updating what you consider necessary on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


See our contact details page, so you can benefit today.


Enquire about our fabulously brilliant on-line stationery from invitations to

thank you's for corporate events, birthday's and private functions.


Any graphic designing, menu's, wall art, bedroom door name plaques, signs,



Whatever your requirements we can assist you,


Simply e-mail us for a FREE quote.

See our contact details page, so you can benefit today.



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