Looking for unwanted / unused items....

Clothes, wool, beads, sewing kits, knitting needles, blankets, material, furniture, household items, crockery, cutlery, plastic ware, tools, garden & electrical appliances, non-perishable food, tinned foods, non perishables, dog & cat food, seeds for planting vegetables, arts & crafts materials, stationary, paint, old cards with photos/pictures, magazines, cardboard, paper, plastic, scrap metal, steel, tins, wood, glass bottles, camera's, computers, printers ... for our COMMUNITY DIGNITY PROJECT. 


We assist unemployed people by helping them to start their own business & that includes arts, crafts, creating, mending, fixing, renovating, growing & selling. Thus reducing hardship & crime & giving back to build our community, so we can stand proud.


This way we make a difference to our community by allowing people not to see it as a hand out but as a hand up.  Allowing people to live with dignity.


You are welcome to email us & we will call you back to make arrangments for collection, or to discuss your contribution or assist with your requirements.  (See our contact details).


(What ever you wish to kindly donate, even if it's of a monetary value or you have a work place/garage/factory/store area that we can make use of... would be most appreciated to our blessed cause.) If you are outside of South Africa, kindly email us & we will provide alternative payment options to you.

Account Holder:  Crystal Rose

Savings Account Number:  334871336

Bank:  Standard Bank (South Africa)

Branch Code:  052638

Kindly remember to include the reference.... "DIGNITY PROJECT".  When you make any contribution deposits to this cause. Thank you.


If you need any graphic designing, photography, websites, presentations, typing, artwork, digital scrapbooking, coffee table photobooks, printing, invitations, stationary or have any other digital requirements, please contact us. (We even take all your old photo's and turn them into photo poster art & themes, or sketches for printing & framing, emailing, invitations, cards or digital scrapbooking presentations - only R50 per photo)


We also donate 10% of all orders placed back to your charity of choice, thus keeping the wheels of upliftment going.





P.S. HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT STARTING A COMMUNITY PROJECT IN YOUR AREA, HOME TOWN, PROVINCE OR COUNTRY? (Even if you want to start small by giving to others what you don't need, anything you have not used for a while, don't need, don't want.... it will unclutter your life, your home, office or school & will make you all feel so much better for doing a good deed.  Even if you feel you have nothing to give... you can donate your time, even if it's just a smile to someone who needs one. Remember pay the way forward with kindness & you will reap the rewards emotionally, health wise & spiritually. 






























































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