Account Holder: Crystal Rose, ABSA Bank, (International Payments, Swift Code: ABSA ZAJJ), Account: 9268843689, Branch code:  632005
Please don’t forget to give your name & mobile number as reference when you make your payment & email crystalrose.sa@gmail.com or fax: 0865945172 proof of payment, along with any other order details/or requirements by email message/or email attachment)


If you would like to make payments from an international destination.... or discuss any other form of payment... Please feel free to contact us in this regard and we will be able to supply you with alternative information. 




Get money back when you shop, make money from your website & receive safe credit card payments from many currencies.  Check out our Moneybookers banners on this page.  You are welcome to select the Paypal buttons on our products page also for ease of safe payment after you  have chosen the product you wish to purchase. 
























































































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