We offer capturing of moments in time ...1,2,3... click

"We turn any event into a perfect memory for generations to enjoy too"

Our creations will exceed your expectations... whether you want the look to be classical, elegant, passionate, unique, bold, outrageous, fun, playful or spiritually themed. 

Events, portraits, portfolios, profiles, public relations, advertising & marketing, including colation of training manuals & websites plus scrapbooking with photography, framing, printing & video services, as well as graphic designing & multimedia picture / poster art.

Personal, Private & Corporate Services

  • Venues:  Home, Office, Event, Urban, Rural, Environmental, Studio
  • Portraiture:  Personal, Couple, Family, Baby, Pet, Corporate, Profiles, Department, Team, Company
  • Coverage:  Year-ends, Team Building, Presentations, Awards, Ceremonies, Functions, Events, News Sites, Exhibitions, Parties, Engagements, Weddings, Baby Showers, Birthdays - Births, 21st's, Retirements
  • Commercial: Products, Settings, Advertising, Food, Beverages, Interiors, Art, Fashion, Interiors, Property
  • Art: Fine Art, Abstract Art, Sculpture, Still Life, Portraits, Poster Themed Art
  • Industrial: Architectural - Interiors & Exteriors, Agricultural, Mining
  • Conservation: Rural, Landscapes, Seascape, Nature, Wildlife, Adventure

Stationary Templates

For e-mail / web / presentation: letterheads, presentations, invoices, correspondence documents, faxes, thank you's, compliment slips, statements, season's greetings, festive, staff & client birthdays, menus, weddings, functions, team buildings. 

Website Design

Multi-Media Art & Murals 

Catering for the physically & mentally challenged's enjoyment too, especially the sight impaired, where murals / art is very tactile & "seeing" the art with your hands is encouraged. 

For small business, new or existing business, if you are offering a product, service, information, for charity, community, corporate portfolio's, annual reports, newsletters, profiles of candidates spotlighted in organisation or as resume - seeking career growth, events: team buildings, information sites, training manuals, for birthday's - new born/21st, document your engagement / showers / batchelors / weddings, retirements, family history.    SEE OUR LINKS PAGE.... FOR THE EXPOSURE YOU CAN RECEIVE

EXTRA special

Specialty for your walls, doors, gates, fencing, anything you can think of, interiors and exteriors.... give your surroundings so much more than a coat of paint.... especially with the South African 2010 Soccer World Cup on it's way.  Put on your best personalised "African Coat".  

For your home, children's bedrooms, your entertainment areas, offices, shopping centre's, restaurants, theatre's, community centre's, set-designs, schools, clubs.  With a profile being done for the family / company / venue taking into account personal preferences as well as themes and including gemstones, crystals, glass, mirrors, beads to name but a few items that can be incorporated, including memorabilia of your personal nature, to create a masterpiece that will be a conversation piece.























































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